About Us

Kukumi Montessori is a Full Spanish immersion primary program striving to prepare children 3 to 6 years old to become bilingual and biliterate individuals. It is a rich and diverse multicultural education integrating the whole child, guiding them to grow both in mind and body through an academically  strong and creative curriculum in a multi-age environment where together they learn to grow, treat themselves and others with respect and kindness and to appreciate the diversity.

Our full Spanish immersion occurs in a dual language setting. This is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in Spanish and English. Our program fosters bilingualism, biliteracy, enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, and high levels of academic achievement through organic Montessori education in two languages.

Students will also learn about:

Art & Music


Cultural diversity

Building emotional and self-awareness  

Expanding their senses in nature

Community awareness.

Upcoming Events:
Gardening Day - 2.22.2020

Children experience transplanting soil, compost worms and emphathetic whole brain learning. 

11am to noon                                              SHE Sustainable Humane Earth


Kukumi Montessori Vision 

In our Vision Kukumi Montessori develops Self empowered learners and contributors to a mindful and peaceful multicultural world. 

Kukumi Montessori Mission 

The mission of KMS is to provide a high-quality Montessori education in two languages  

guiding children in becoming mindful, self-empowered learners, who value themselves as contributors to a caring, peaceful, multicultural world. These goals are engendered and supported by means of  

  • the Montessori method and materials presented in a Spanish immersion program 

  • an age appropriate mindfulness curriculum 

  • a dedication to family and community as an integral part of a vibrant education

Come visit Kukumi Montessori School where you will learn more about the scientifically-based Montessori education

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